First Blog!

Hello guys! This is Anyonya,I am a student , I live in India! This is my first ever blog. I would love to write blogs on stuff related to normal daily life experiences,feelings and things i am fascinated about! I love to be completely random! Writing is my passion and I would love to start a blog and develop it into an awesome place where you all can enjoy my writings and also relate to them!

This is the place where I put up all the stuff which I really like or support or am fascinated about! So it’s a bit of surprise for u all as its difficult to guess the topics. As I said before, the topics are gonna be completely random  and I would never put up any content which I am against of! Also i would be doing book reviews coz I love reading lots of books! This blog will have content related to various categories , this is because I can’t restrict myself to only one topic . I am not going to blog abt fashion, beauty, cooking, lifestyle etc.  My blog will contain information related to topics like mental health to paranormal activities! So I wish you all have a great time reading my blog . Hope you all enjoy it.❤️




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