Accept yourself

Many of us have a problem or an issue with our selves we feel we are not perfect etc. let me just tell you no one in this world is perfect every one has some flaws, even the most perfect guy in your school has some flaws little do the world know that he shares them with none. Each one of us have some or the other issue with ourselves . we want more, we want to be “perfect” . But just ask yourself  once “whats the need to be perfect?” There is no need to become perfect. The whole world is imperfect  it’s not only you, besides your flaws are the reason why you r so unique .

In this world full of imperfect people you are perfect for yourself. Always we need to remember one important thing in our life we don’t have to change ourselves for anyone else except ourselves.  Many times we see many people around us who constantly keep changing themselves to fit in their friends group or to impress others, it’s the worst excuse to change your self , believe me. Only change when you are not satisfied with yourself. The only person you should compare yourself is with the person you were yesterday. Dont compare yourself with others , they have different things going on in their lives , they have different goals, different circumstances. I always used to compare my self with others and that didn’t give me anything except sadness. The thought that I am not good enough for people because i am not as good as others always made me depressed. But little did i know that while trying to impress and make others happy i lost my own identity.

Never lose yourself in the process of being perfect. No one else in this world has the same thoughts as you do at the same time, no one in this world has the same feelings as you do,you are unique in many ways that you can think of! What you have got to offer the world has to be offered by you and no one else can do it!.you need to be satisfied by yourself . You may have flaws and things which you don’t like about yourself but it’s best if we learn to accept them and move on! In order to make yourself happy first you need to accept yourself! I am telling this from my personal experience that you can not  achieve anything in your life if you can’t accept yourself! Feel good about yourself first, feel good about the person you actually are. If you don’t like it then change it!

The most important thing in life is many people are scared of accepting themselves because of the fear of being judged by others . Honestly others opinion should not matter to you more that your happiness. You are how you are you can’t completely change your self besides you gotta stay with yourself forever! Make peace with yourself before trying to help others!

Remember this always.  Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for! (As superwoman says!) .   

Make peace with yourself, make your self happy , make your self-satisfied. Only you can truly make yourself happy it’s all controlled by our emotions and thoughts.  So first control them. Work on yourself, be the best person you could ever be!  May the force be with you 😎



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sreya says:

    Lovely 💟 very inspiring!!


    1. Anyonya says:

      Thank you😘


  2. Abhiram says:

    ‘We don’t have to change ourselves for anyone else except ourselves!’ 👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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