Our Sophisticated Society

Now what I say is ,the society is a pretty interesting thing. Why? one might ask, it’s because if you observe keenly our society has a comeback for every situation no matter what. I mean even the most famous stand up comedians lack comebacks at times but our society never fails to astonish me.

A fight’s going on a road ,instead of trying to solve it they take sides and increase it, A guy starts a YouTube channel they taunt him with the statements like “you are giving up your studies and doing this now! making stupid videos on the internet ! god knows what you are doing” and it goes on forever for anything and everything.

Let me tell you something my friend, whatever you do you WILL hear such comments and my advise is just don’t give a damn! continue on what you are doing , these comments are of no use they are just given by people who can’t do what you are doing .

Okay consider it this way,  a king is walking down the lane many people do talk about him they are jealous of him ,some are not happy with him and they give such comments but does the king care about those? obviously not coz he has much more important things to deal with than  those comments. So all you have to do is consider your self as the king and just keep walking until you reach your destination!

Alright let me get some physics here although I hate physics but this law fits perfectly here, have you ever heard of Lenz law? well in general it says ” an object opposes any kind of change caused to it .” and this is what the society exactly follows, whatever  ever goddamn thing you do they will have a problem or get offended

So people just relax, sip your coffee chill out and do what ever you want to do and what gives you happiness just don’t let the society change you . Be you. we all love you for who you are! peace out! and guys if u agree with me don’t forget to like and share this post



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  1. Bhargavi says:

    Very nice anyonya keep it up

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