First EQUINOX experience!

Entered an amusement park with a lot of excitement and my friends started discussing about how wonderful the EQUINOX ride is and were getting ready to experience it , being the curious one I am I wanted to try it too. We were waiting in the line, to ride next. Thats when I saw how the ride was, and I got hit by a  full fluged panic attack. Now at this point i have two things in my mind

  1. I don’t wanna try that out
  2. That seems too fun. let’s do it

The two opposite thoughts were going on in my head it seemed like a war between them. Before I could figure out what i wanted to do our turn came and I went along with  my friends and we took our places. The seat belt gets buckled and that’s when it hit me, I was going to do it now and I didn’t want to and  there was no going back. The poor helpless me was having a panic attack and sitting in that ride, the last place i ever wanted to be.

And now it started , it was good in the beginning and then it got slowly intensified ,at this point I am already telling all my friends that I love them and told them to tell my parents that I loved them too. Funny right? now imagine being 40 feet above the ground and to make the matter worse you are inverted. All you can see is the ground and all the people looking up and waving at you , all your blood rushes to your head making it  heavy . that was my situation! all I kept thinking was this is the end, what if the seat belt got unbuckled and i fall to the ground and crack my head open. Those people who were waving at us seemed like telling us ‘bye’ . All this had lasted for like a few seconds but honestly it felt like an eternity and this happened three more time at different speeds and orientations before the ride came to an end.


That was definitely the most terrifying experience I had ever had, i would rather stay in a room locked up with a ghost than experience that ride again. But at the end of it , it was fun! and I honestly never thought i would survive that ride. Thanks to all the prayers my mom offers to all the gods. I love you mom!

The ride was insanely scary and awesome at the same time. AND thanks to that ride now even after so many hour after riding  it, I still feel like I am at that highest point of the ride when ever I look down. Do try it out to experience it yourself .

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  1. Arya Patil says:

    You are funny bro ! 😂😂

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    1. Anyonya says:

      I know ra rei


  2. Ahhhhh this seems so scary! But at the same time I love roller coasters and rides like this, so I really want to go on this?? 😀 Haha I’m glad you survived!

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    1. Anyonya says:

      It sure was scary! But it’s actually fun!.U should try it out some day

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  3. Enjoyed the photos, i really like the one of this image, perfect.

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