Success: a wish or a goal?

“I wish I had an AUDI” ,  ” I wish I have that ” , “I wish  have this” …. these are very common sentences we hear in our daily life. NOW do u consider then as goals? definitely not , because if they were goals the statements would have WILL instead of WISH.

There is difference in between a wish and a goal, consider a thread if one end of it is a wish then the other end is the goal. You have to go all the way to the other end to achieve your goals. A wish is when u just want to do something or want something. A goal is one such wish accompanied with endless dedication, determination and hard work.


I do believe that a goal is an offshoot of a wish. In order to succeed you need to have a goal not just a wish, and that goal is ought to be so strong that no other forces like distractions can even get near it. While we are on the path to success you will face many problems and failures but they are just commas in your life not full stops. Commas don’t just end a sentence they are an extension to it. All the hurdles you face are just speed breakers don’t back off thinking them as dead ends.


You have to accept the bitter truth, success doesn’t come to you overnight( although that would be a lot easier, but where’s the fun if u get it so easily?) success needs a lot of persistence , patience and being positive. Success is like an ECG line a straight line only indicates your dead so success can also not have a simple straight path it too has many ups and downs like the ECG line and they are necessary too.success quote hd wallpaper

WALT DISNEY just didn’t become so famous overnight. He started in a mouse infested shed and ended up creating the most famous and beautiful DISNEY LAND, who would have thought that he could do what he did. He believed in his dreams and worked hard ,very hard. REMEMBER, HE DIDN’T JUST GET LUCKY. HIS HARD WORK, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION AND PERSISTENCE GOT HIM ALL THAT SUCCESS.

To succeed have a goal not a wish. Wishes don’t get u anything. HUSTLE harder every day. STAY POSITIVE, even in the worst situations of your life just take in the positivity leave the negative vibes. BOUNCE BACK every time you fall down. And you will succeed.





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