Change is inevitable in life. Everything, Every person ,Every situation undergoes some or the other change. Change is for the betterment of something. Change is sometimes to overcome some  situations. There might be many reason for a change to occur . In this world nothing is constant everything around you and within you is temporary.

Your friends change, and you keep confronting them by saying you are not the same!. Yeah they are not the same in fact even you might have also changed  but you can’t make it out that you have changed. As I said nothing is permanent. People change due to circumstances, so that they can do better in their lives they ,change is good for them  even if it is not good for you sometimes.


Accept people the way they are. Accept the change in them only then you will be able to make peace with everything. On the outside everyone seems happy, satisfied with their lives but on the inside there is always a big grief behind their wide smiles. No one shares everything with anyone and its okay to be secretive. Every day every one is struggling with something or the other and you have to understand that. Every one has their own personal space which they might not like to share it with everyone, trying to interfere in to that is not the best thing to do. would you like it if someone keeps giving you their opinions on your personal life? it’s the same with them.


People change constantly their priorities change constantly for their own betterment not for the sake of others. If you feel you are being ignored by your friends then most of the time that is not true its just that they are busy trying to make their lives better. They might not be intentionally ignoring you, it can be that they are unable to give you some time but that doesn’t mean that you are not important to them, your importance is or was same as before. Instead of being insecure try being helpful to them.

In the end I would say don’t confront others without knowing their reasons, everyone changes and its okay to change. Change is a good thing, its a sign that a person is developing. Encourage them and always be positive.



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