Know yourself

Did you know this, that you are the only person who can think what you are thinking at this moment? you are unique no one in this world can replace you. And no one in this world can make you better, its only you who can do it. It’s only you who is responsible for your actions.

Every one has good and bad within them what they chose to act upon makes them either good or bad. A situation can be acted upon in two different ways and they have different consequences, choosing in which way you act totally depends on you and it defines your character. No one knows you better than yourself. So only you can make yourself a better person, yeah you can take help from others but only you know what works for u the best.


Everyone has a few priorities in their lives and even you do, know what are those priorities. You should know what makes you happy and what makes you sad.Work on yourself and make your self better. Remember you can only control yourself in this whole world and nothing else can run the way you want it to.

Knowing yourself, your likes , your dislikes, you petpeevs etc is very important. It doesn’t have to be known by other. Be responsible for your actions and your words. Only you can construct or destruct your life.


We all are very busy in our own lives and we forget to give ourselves some time. Everyday at least for 15 minutes spend some time with yourself and think about your actions today, think about the things you are greatful for , think about how can you make something better, in short have a check on yourself. That will help you to improve as a person. Control what is there in your hands don’t try to control others.

Knowing yourself makes your life a lot more easier. Dont let others tell you what you have to do. Most importantly never copy others. BE YOURSELF BE UNIQUE.



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