Life as an AMBIVERT

An AMBIVERT is a person who  has a balance of introvert and extrovert qualities in their personality. In this society we are encouraged to categorize ourselves into whether we are introverts or extrovert, but most people have a hard time categorizing themselves into either one of the two. Turns out according to a study almost 2/3rds of the people have a difficult time categorizing themselves.

It’s hard to choose because the introvert/extrovert dichotomy reflects a tired and outdated view of personality. Personality traits exist along a continuum, and the vast majority of us aren’t introverts or extroverts—we fall somewhere in the middle.


Personality consists of a stable set of preferences and tendencies through which we approach the world. Personality traits form at an early age and are fixed by early adulthood. Many important things about you change over the course of your lifetime, but your personality isn’t one of them.

Now coming to the point how is life actually like an ambivert. Well I would consider myself to be an ambivert. Most ambiverts are not comfortable being the main focus in a party. You would find an ambivert in a crowd but they would prefer to stay by themselves and with a few people they know.


For me an ideal day would be sitting at home and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or reading book. If I would have to go out I would love to spend time with my friend…but I am not that kind of person who would go and talk to everyone at the party. Most of the times my parents complain that I don’t go and talk to people at a function, I try but sometimes I just get uncomfortable. In a party or a function that’s how you would find an ambivert to be.

Being an ambivert has a good advantage coz we have both the qualities of introverts and extroverts. Normally when I meet a person ,they will say “oh you are very quiet talk something.” Where as with my friends its like, they would say “would you please stop rambling for a second”. Yea, you could say ambiverts have two different personalities. If you are friends with an ambivert for long enough you would consider them to be an extrovert but if you just met them , then they are a closed book to you.

Though Ambiverts are a little awkward around new people and all..but they are great to hangout with.Sometimes they wanna sit in their room and be alone and other times they wanna go out there and enjoy it really depends on their mood that day. And I proudly say that I am an AMBIVERT and I love it.



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