The END?

We hear about people killing themselves over the silliest reasons everyday. Its like the pressure is too much for an IIT students, he ends up killing himself; A relationship failure another person kills himself/herself…this goes on. For every stupid problem where you can’t find a solution suicide seems like one.People think if they end their lives they can get over a problem, how stupid are they.

We have a beautiful life. And everyone has issues, dark times and all. You can’t be like happy-go-lucky, throughout your life. Life has its own blend of happiness and sadness.If there is a problem then there is a solution to it also. If you don’t get the solution you have to try some more to get to it. Well somethings don’t go according to our plan, and its okay we have to understand what can be done so that the situation improves.


Suicide doesn’t mark an end to your problems, it marks you as a coward who couldn’t get through them. We need to look at the bright side in every situation, think how to improve something. How stupid is it give up on life just for a silly problem.

Suicide is a permanent solution for temporary problems, its more like you decide not eat ever again because you didn’t get those fries today. Life isnt the game of GTA that you will use the cheat code “ICANTTAKEITANYMORE” and die and restart the game again. You dont have unlimited lives.


Over come your problems by having a good logical thinking , don’t go into emotions and say “I cant do this anymore, I quit”. What ever problems you are having right now seems big to you for now, let me tell you one thing you will have bigger problems in future, sad but true. You should learn to face your problems, if you fail its okay, you will learn from it.

Have a positive thought. Suicide is never an option or a solution, it might give you freedom from your problems forever by make you extinct but it gives an immense amount of sadness and grief to your family and friends. Think before you take any such step .


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  1. Sonia Sasi says:

    Yes! I agree!! Well written.
    I’m someone who has rather too much respect for my life. And I genuinely wonder how anyone could disregard the same because of a few failures.
    I do understand that the case is different for depression patients though.
    Anyways, loved the post!

    Liked by 1 person

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