Many of us wanted to give up on something a while after we started doing it, but only those who dont give up and stick to the plan will succeed.

In the beginning when you first start going to gym or any sport it seems very difficult….it pains alot  sometimes you can’t even get up, if you give up you will never achieve your goal. Get up everytime you fall down no matter how hard it is.

If you quit on the first day itself all you have is regret. Nothing is easy , everything is worth a try. You never know what it might lead you to. Life is a mystery.

You need to work hard and achieve your goals even if it seems impossible to you . If your target is 10th mile aim for the 11th one. Practice makes man perfect.

Difficult situations make you a wise person. Life is a do or die situation.. if you dont try out something you will be left out. When opportunities knock on your door dont shun them away, take those opportunities and improve yourself no matter how hard it is just keep trying one day you will reach your goal and feel proud of yourself.

Persistence is one of the most important qualities a human should have. Psst!you dont know how many times I wanted to stop studying physics! But I have to so I do it anyway.( And there’s another friend of mine who keeps finding physics theories in everything…like in the movies and starts explaining me and I am just like dude please leave me alone!) .

Persistence is important for success. When ever you feel like quitting just recall why did you actually start in the first place. Be motivated be persistent. And for all the physics geeks out there, please dont come at me !


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