Black~eyed children

Black-eyed children  are an urban legend of supposed paranormal creatures that resemble children between the ages of 6 and 16, with pale skin and black eyes, who are reportedly seen hitchhiking or panhandling, or are encountered on doorsteps of residential homes. Tales of black-eyed children have appeared in pop culture since the late 1990s.

Legends say if two kids come up to you asking to them a favor and their eyes are completely black,leave everything and just run for your life. These kids look creepy and terrifying, their pictures might send chills down your spine for weeks.


They are usually near abandoned areas. Sometimes, the reports talk of them appearing at one’s doorsteps usually  in a pair. They appear to be unusually confident, yet shy children who avoid your gaze and look down, hiding their eyes, but speaking with an eloquency far beyond their apparent age. They do sound creepy and trick you into helping them

Normally these kids knock on your door or your car window asking for help, they say “can you please help me?” there is something unusual about them, their presence makes you uncomfortable and you experience some sort of uneasiness . When you deny helping them they come at you more strongly saying “you have to help me?” ,and most people start helping those kids or letting them in to their houses or cars unknowingly, and that’s when things get worse.


They will usually attempt to talk the victim into allowing them entry into their home to use a telephone or to be safe from some unspecified danger. Occasionally, when seen outside the home, they will immediately stop their play and stare at you, or, if possible, approach you, asking for a place to stay or trying to talk you into giving them a ride home.

And once you discover that their eyes are completely black they tend to get angry and insistent on you complying with their demands. People who have had encounters with these kids believe that these kids use some sort of low-level mind controlling technique.


The encounters frequently emphasize that the children must be voluntarily admitted or invited into the house or car in question, and in this way are reminiscent of some vampire legends. However it is unspecified what happens should you comply with their demands, as no reports of the black-eyed children have included that happening, possibly indicating the death of those that comply.

So people watch out for these kids and yeah I don’t know if this is real or not , although black-eyed kid would make a great Halloween costume and would definitely scare the hell out of people




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