Oujia boards

So a few months ago I was on the weird side of the internet and came across oujia boards! And I was absolutely crazy about them over the next few weeks so much so that I put an oujia board in my Amazon cart and then the realisation hit me hard! My mom would never approve of something like that!😪

All the people who know me know one thing very properly that I love paranormal things! And oujia board is just one of them! What is an oujia board? one might ask! (although most people don’t,but just go with the flow) 

So now an oujia board is one such board which lets you contact the supernatural!There are a few rituals while using the board! But one must remember the board can be pretty dangerous! 

Oujia board is marked by letters A-Z and numbers 0-9, it has the words “yes” “no” and “good bye” it also has a few graphics here and there. The players all put their fingers on the planchette and ask the board questions! If there’s an entity present in that room…the planchette moves answering your questions! Most times the players try pulling a prank and move the planchette. We need to make sure no one is doing it. In that way the supernatural contacts you.

There had been many dangerous accidents while playing with this board! Many cases involve a player being possessed! Although one interesting phenomenon of this game is contacting the zozo!

Zozo is said to be the oujia demon! When your planchette moves in the figure 8 or keeps repeating the letters”Z” and “O” marks the contact with zozo! If that ever happenes you need to stop playing immediately and say the board goodbye by moving the planchette to goodbye!

For more information on zozo check the link given below



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