Distance or Displacement!

Well guys this had to be coming after studying kinematics for almost 2 months now! Lol! Don’t worry, I’ll not get into physics.

According to me, distance is when 2 people get separated completely, but when 2 people are separated but still hold on to each other is what I call as displacement (because it’s just the physical distance between them,that’s changed). Okay now you people might think I am going crazy…well I’ll leave it there and continue on what I actually intend to say!

Distance,is such a thing which can either get two people close or push them even more far. In a true relationship, let it be friendship or any other one, distance doesn’t really matter.. what really matters is the efforts you put in!

Take an example of your long distance bestie!

  • You are more closer than you ever were!
  • You actually spend quality time with them!
  • You wait for the meet up!
  • You both actually realise how much you miss each other
  • And how much you mean to each other

All those have wouldn’t happened if that distance never came in! But there are times when you miss them very badly…and just can’t help yourself but let the tears out!

And there are other cases where once you move out from an establishment your best friend slowly becomes your friend and then slowly a stranger! That’s because of communication gap of course.

One other case is when you people are literally beside each other and the once besties are now strangers. The opposite of this case is also possible you can become absolutely besties with someone whom u have never met!

All these are dependent on the efforts the two people put in a relationship! In any relationship, if the efforts are one sided it’s not gonna work, after all you can only clap when you use both of your hands and not a single one…..when a relation becomes one sided it doesn’t remain as it was, there are changes taking place and no one knows what they are..We need to be careful in every situation, never let anything become toxic for you!

Now my question is, Is distance a bad thing or a good thing? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below! And also I apologize for not posting lately!


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