It's very common to see people judging others for no valid reason. Judging people is quite easy, but whats difficult is being in their place and receiving those comments. I don't feel it's right to judge anyone without being in their place or knowing the story from their side. People perform actions which may... Continue Reading →

Success: a wish or a goal?

"I wish I had an AUDI" ,  " I wish I have that " , "I wish  have this" .... these are very common sentences we hear in our daily life. NOW do u consider then as goals? definitely not , because if they were goals the statements would have WILL instead of WISH. There is... Continue Reading →

First EQUINOX experience!

Entered an amusement park with a lot of excitement and my friends started discussing about how wonderful the EQUINOX ride is and were getting ready to experience it , being the curious one I am I wanted to try it too. We were waiting in the line, to ride next. Thats when I saw how... Continue Reading →

Our Sophisticated Society

Now what I say is ,the society is a pretty interesting thing. Why? one might ask, it's because if you observe keenly our society has a comeback for every situation no matter what. I mean even the most famous stand up comedians lack comebacks at times but our society never fails to astonish me. A... Continue Reading →

Sleep paralysis or Paranormal activity?

Ever experienced the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night to nothing but darkness and not able to even move your fingers? well that's whats called as sleep paralysis. When you google sleep paralysis this is what shows up Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which an individual, either during falling asleep... Continue Reading →

Accept yourself

Many of us have a problem or an issue with our selves we feel we are not perfect etc. let me just tell you no one in this world is perfect every one has some flaws, even the most perfect guy in your school has some flaws little do the world know that he shares... Continue Reading →

First Blog!

Hello guys! This is Anyonya,I am a student , I live in India! This is my first ever blog. I would love to write blogs on stuff related to normal daily life experiences,feelings and things i am fascinated about! I love to be completely random!..

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