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It’s very common to see people judging others for no valid reason. Judging people is quite easy, but whats difficult is being in their place and receiving those comments. I don’t feel it’s right to judge anyone without being in their place or knowing the story from their side. People perform actions which may not be right and sometimes those actions don’t even do any good to them , the circumstances make them do those things and we should sometimes understand that and not judge them.

How easy is it to sit in the audience and comment on the people performing on stage! But what you have to keep in mind is at least they are brave enough to do that and you are not even doing that. Sometimes comments are necessary, so that the performer improves but just giving out comments with out any requirement is not the best thing to do,sometimes we gotta sit and appreciate the person to even take part in the programme. Every one need critics in their lives but not everyone appreciates a comment every time, sometimes people need encouragement, it helps them do better. At times all people need is someone to just be by their side and say a few good words. Saying those few good words don’t harm us but that help them alot that refills their energy and they eventually do better.

If you actually observer people you find 75% of them judge others ,by others I mean even stranger on roads “omg,see her dress looks so old” etc etc but do we really know why they are doing a certain thing a certain way, no the answer to that question is no . So do we hold a right to comment on them,no. Even if u got that thought keep it inside you don’t put it out.

Many of us judge our friends and family members. But even though they are close to us we exactly don’t know what’s going on with them, coz we have never been in their shoes. Just remember if people act a certain way you are unsure of, then just don’t judge them right away keep in mind that they too have a reason to do it.

Not being judgmental solves many problems, many misunderstandings,saves many relationship, increases understanding between two people. Judging other is easy, being in their place isn’t. Besides being judged only discourages the person alot and can affect them alot, what’s good in hurting other people just for a few seconds of laugh.

All I would request you is not to judge anyone right away, I know it’s hard sometimes but do your best not to judge, if you can then encourage the other person but don’t discourage them. Don’t blame people, blame the circumstances. If you agree with what I just said then do like and share.


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  1. Arya Patil says:

    This is just a perfect one ! 💖

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